Monthly Letter

Dear Friends


I recently attended a conference which centred on community cohesion – especially when there were differing viewpoints or “communities within communities”. One very eloquent lady stood up and said that she was fed up with being “tolerated” or “respected”. Instead, she wanted to be “valued”.

It was a point that really got me thinking. Why is it that if someone has a different viewpoint, faith or culture – so often our aspiration is merely to tolerate ? I wonder how much more could be achieved, in the name of unity – if people really valued one another.

In order to value someone takes effort and commitment. We need to take time out, listen, reflect and engage fully in conversation. We need to show that we do actually care. I find it far more frustrating when people rush to make a judgement without listening – rather than those who listen carefully before making a judgement, not of our choosing.

Listening and valuing others is a gift that as individuals will have a significant impact on those around us. Of course it is always so much easier with those close to us, our friends and our families. But be warned, as those are the very people that we can all too easily take for granted. And those who are a little way off, may only be way off – because we have never taken the time out to understand them fully.

There is much division and unrest in this Country at the moment, that maybe it is up to each one of us, to lead the way in championing the need to value one another fully. It can indeed start with us – and have a truly significant impact on our communities. So why not give it a go?

Wishing you all a wonderful and united New Year, filled with love and hope.

God Bless

Revd Shuna

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