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Dear Friends

“Let there be light” is normally a Bible verse popular at Christmas. But I am quite sure that its popularity resurfaced again following the storms and the consequent loss of electricity, phones etc !

When I first moved to the Marsh, lack of power was a very common event, and so I guess over the years we have all got used to having light at a flick of a switch. But also over the years we have become increasingly reliant on an ever growing amount of electrical gadgets. I wonder how many there would be, if we took the time to count up all electrical items within our homes ? I am sure the figure would shock us.

The Biblical sense is that of light giving us hope, in the knowledge that light will always conquer darkness. It may be an unknown amount of time, but we know light will arrive at some point – and that is why we have hope.

The people of Ukraine face a great darkness at this time, as indeed the communities themselves in Russia. No one can deny that these are extremely dark and frightening times, and none of us knows how or when it may end. But we do have faith, hope and love. So let us offer this prayer for the peace of the world.

God who sees the weakness in acts of naked aggression

God who feels the fear in moments of acute helplessness, cure this warring madness, and shield all who fall in harm’s way.

Leach the poison from the mind that thinks strength is shown in a bullying force.

And may an equal strength in solidarity give resolves to those who aim is to protect, and respect, not just the ones we call our own, but with all whom we can share a better, more peaceful world.

Let us hope that minds of steel will turn to hearts of Gold, and let us offer our love and prayers to all those caught up in the horror of war, together with those trying to bring aid to those most in need.

Every blessings for peace


Revd Shuna

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