Monthly Letter

Dear Friends

At the start of any new year we always seem to enjoy saying goodbye to the year before, and welcoming a new one with renewed hope and expectation. Some of us even make new year’s resolutions to try and better how we might live.

And for Christians – Easter is our own unique New Year. Our journey through lent has helped us focus on our faith, and how we may grow in faith. It has given us strength to face the sadness and desperation of Good Friday, as we recall the crucifixion of Christ nailed to a Cross.

But thankfully for us we know the ending – so we look forward to the joy and celebration of Easter Day, the day Jesus rose from the dead.

I heard a wonderful story of a class of children who each made a model egg at school. They were asked to return it the next day, having filled their egg. Each child took delight as the teacher rattled their egg to try and guess what was inside. Then there were whoops of joy as sweets and chocolates were tipped onto the desk. But she then rattled one egg that was empty, so she quietly put it aside. The little boy protested, asking her to open it, which she did. Still it was empty. When asked why ? he explained that the real joy of Easter was celebrating that the tomb was empty. His empty egg represented the real joy that Jesus had risen, a joy that was far greater than any amount of chocolate.

Well of course our shops will be filled with Chocolate Easter Eggs, and if you receive one that is empty, do not be disappointed - remember that the emptiness of the tomb is far greater than any amount of material goods.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter


Reverend Shuna


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