Monthly Letter

Dear Friends

This last year has been challenging in so many ways for everyone. But Easter reminds us that there is always hope, despite the darkest of days. As a church our hope is to resume our services from Easter Sunday.

There is also so much to be thankful for – not least the armies of volunteers who have supported communities. Last year 4.6 million people volunteered for the first time ever in the UK– and that doesn’t include the many people who supported others unofficially. The support amongst local people here on the marsh, was no exception.

However financially the church has suffered drastically. No visitors, events or services has meant no income from these much needed resources. Many people are of the belief that the church receives a grant to keep running. We do not. In fact we pay a significant amount in order to run the church. Furthermore we are not eligible for many grants - due to being a religious organisation.

Whilst I receive a fee for weddings and funerals, the rest of my services are free of charge.

The one grant body that has been our lifeline has been the Romney Marsh Historic Churches Trust who have been generous in their support for our building works. We are also grateful for a small grant from KCC Councillor Tony Hills for our Christmas lights. Huge thanks too for Kevin Roper for making us a wonderful new noticeboard for Fairfield. Do take a look it is splendid!

We know everyone is struggling – but if you are able to help in anyway either with fundraising or by making a donation, please do not hesitate to contact myself or either of our churchwardens, Maureen 01797 344628 or  Cris 07920 484637.

The Easter message reminds us that we always have a chance of new birth. So let’s hope that 2021 is a new start for all of us, and we can begin once more to look forward in faith and hope.

Easter Blessings to you all


Revd Shuna



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