Monthly Letter

Dear Friends


The last 6 months indeed has been nothing short of a trial for most people. All of us have been affected one way or another by the impact of COVID 19.

If we were to think back a year ago, none of us could envisage such a time where we had to live under the most stringent and often confusing rules. So many people had plans shattered as we all were forced to retreat. As a church, like many organisations – we have suffered financially with no visitors or services for 6 months.

But no matter the circumstance, there is always hope. Instead of listing off the negative impact of COVID 19 – let us give thanks and celebrate those positive moments. The many acts of kindness, the sharing of food, and the  people  who willingly looked out for their neighbour.

I also think great credit needs to go to our entrepreneurial and generous local businesses who really upped their game to (quite literally) feed the hungry. The pubs who were doing food deliveries, the butchers, greengrocers, fishmongers and bakers who reminded us so poignantly the importance and delight of fresh local produce. They all did us proud.

None of us knows what lies around the corner. But for now and beyond, my prayer is that the gift of giving and serving our neighbour continues for many years to come. Let the evil of COVID be our kickstart in making a better future for everyone. And when we hit the good times again – and we will, please do not forget our local businesses. They still will be producing the most amazing fresh produce for us to delight in, for years to come……..but only if we have the same generosity of heart by supporting them.

Lastly – it is wonderful that The Harrier is back in circulation again, I certainly have missed it. But it did highlight the fact that we rely so heavily on our older population (many of whom were shielding) to deliver the magazine. So please, if you are able to give up a few hours a month to assist, do make contact with Maureen Akers on 01797 344628 or myself.

Keep safe and keep smiling


Rev Shuna

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