Monthly Letter

Dear Friends

I spoke to someone the other day who puts her Christmas tree up at the end of October, and takes it down pretty much the moment we hit Christmas. Now I know we all like to celebrate at different times in different ways – which is fine. But from a Christian point of view – I would ask what the decorations are actually celebrating, if the moment Jesus is born we end our celebrations by taking the decorations down ? Surely Jesus being born is the “reason for the season” and what we should be celebrating?

So this year it seemed very fitting to refresh ourselves of the 12 days of Christmas. In Brookland we will be “Following a Star” around the village. Each day during the 12 days of Christmas, look out for houses/places in Brookland displaying a star  - each one starting on each of the 12 days. A full list of where to look will be on the Church noticeboard the week before Christmas. Furthermore there will be  free copies of a booklet detailing a reflection for each day available in the church. There will also be sheets in church for children to tick off displays they have found.

As the 1st day of Christmas( Christmas Day) is about a young baby – Brookland’s youngest( from Nursery School) will launch the first Star. The last  Star will appear at Brookland Church on Sat 5th January. We hope you enjoy your search !

As we draw to the end of the year, I look back with much thanks for the generosity from local people throughout the year. I think of the hours of time spent (by only a few people) in making sure that each of the 16 x WW1 soldiers had their own floral tribute. Brenzett and District WI who made a wonderful display of hand knitted poppies, Revd Keith who carried out detailed research for our booklet on WW1 – and Dennis Cottington who made each child from Brookland School their own Remembrance Keyring – all that on one weekend ! ……………shortly followed by the anonymous person who left a handmade “Crib scene” for us to use on Christmas Eve. At a time when we hear of so much negativity in our press – it is good to celebrate such generosity here on the marsh.


I would like to take this opportunity in thanking all those who have supported the Church in a variety of ways. In particular the PCC, our dedicated flower arrangers, our singers and musicians, the people who clean and polish, Dave Cottington and others who have turned up at a moment’s notice to fix a broken lock, or help a vicar in distress ! Your efforts and kindness have not gone unnoticed, and very much appreciated.


So on behalf of Revd Chris Maclean, Revd Mike Gooch  and myself – may I wish you all a very Peaceful and Joyous Christmas.


God Bless

Revd Shuna










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