Monthly Letter

Dear Friends


Whilst it seems a long time ago now – I really must thank so many people for helping at Brookland’s Jubilee celebration. It really was a team effort and appreciated by so many.  Great to see so many families out and enjoying themselves in the most glorious of days. After such a long dark bleak period, it seemed a fairy tale to be gathered in such numbers and simply enjoying ourselves in quite a “normal” way. Long may it continue.

Our Church Services are now back and running which has been wonderful. Perhaps now is a good time to remind you of our monthly Evensong at Brookland which takes places at 6.30pm on the second Sunday of the month. If you have not been along – why not give it a try? I always find it such a lovely gentle end to a weekend. If you are local and want a lift, or would rather come along with someone, then just let me know and we can sort something out. It would be great to see you. Our other monthly service is at 10am at Fairfield on the first Sunday of the month where you are also most welcome.

Later on in the year the Bishop of Dover will be conducting a Confirmation Service locally. So if you have been baptised and would be interested in getting confirmed, please do not hesitate to contact me, so we can have a chat………..and there is no age limit ! so if this is something that you have always wanted to do – now is your opportunity.

Brookland School set up a Community Cupboard in the Porch of Brookland Church – with tins of food and pasta for those who are struggling with getting food. This has been a real asset for those in need. But recently the shelves have been a bit bare – so if you have some food to spare, then please consider dropping it off at the church.

The Summer Term will of course end with pupils moving on to other Schools. We very much hold in our prayers all those who are moving schools or on to University and apprenticeships. I have nothing but admiration for students over the last few years who despite so many disruptions to learning (not to mention their social lives)! have just plugged on regardless, got the exams done and are moving on. I am sure that resilience and strength will remain with them and continue to be a great asset throughout their lives.

Here’s hoping the weather will be kind, and we can once again really enjoy summer in its fullness.


God Bless


Revd Shuna


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