Monthly Letter

Dear Friends


It was such a joy to celebrate Easter at Fairfield, The last service that I took was midnight mass on Christmas Eve, and so going straight into Easter was a bit strange. But so wonderful to be back with the church community. The congregation had a somewhat odd Easter gift – a packet of crisps! This was to mark the fact that the new Rosemary and Lamb flavour crisps by “Kent Crisps” features a picture of Fairfield Church. So why not treat yourself and buy a bag – on sale at The Old Tractor shed  Farm Shop in Brookland.

I always find spring, with the daffodils and tulips a real sign of hope. Whatever is going on in the world – nature still has that amazing gift of just carrying on and boosting our spirits with its colourful arrival. I love Tulips, but have never had any success in growing them. But this year they just kept popping up. It was as if nature was reminding me that it can and always will come up trumps in the end.

The days are now getting longer, and hopefully the weather will begin to warm up, so we can really enjoy the sunshine and give thanks for creation. We are very lucky to live in such a wonderful part of the world, and so let us really take time to give thanks for what we have got, rather than dwell on what we have not got.

It is so good to see the children back at school, and just joyful to hear them play and laugh together in the playground. I must give a huge thanks to our amazing teachers who went above and beyond all expectation, in trying to provide education in such challenging situations. I know how much it was appreciated by so many. But credit too for those days of homeschooling which I know challenged parents in ways not known before. Well done for standing the test of time.

Last but not least, massive respect for our young people who had to go through such change in their lives for such a prolonged period. You are a credit and inspiration to us all.

Keep well, and keep safe


Revs Shuna




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