August Letter

Dear Friends

The other day I received 2 emails within a few seconds. One was warning me to take extra precautions in the heat – and the other inviting me to the works Christmas do ! Somehow the 2 didn’t sit very well with one another.

But it made me realise how we are constantly looking ahead and making plans. I just wonder what we might be missing in doing so? Somehow it is easier to look back or look forward, than it is to stop and enjoy the moment. It is almost as if we are so ”tuned in” to be busy – it seems wrong to stop and be still.

But we all need to take some time out of our busy lives, and take a breath. In the chaos of life, amidst a fast changing world, perhaps the only way to counteract it, is to simply stop. It is in stopping that we have the time to reflect, and notice things that would have passed us by.

But I guess too often we associate stopping with something negative. Stopping work because we are ill or made redundant, stopping an activity because it is too expensive, stopping going out because we are depressed…the list is endless.

So maybe if we learned in our daily lives to stop more often –  then it might just aid us when we are forced to stop when we least expect it ?

I once read a wonderful quote from an elderly Priest who said that throughout his ministry he had met several people, who had been forced to stop through ill health – and in doing so had regretted that they had not spent more time with their family. But interesting, he had never met anyone – who had wished they had spent more time at work.

So this summer, stop, reflect and take some time out.


God Bless

Reverend Shuna

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