Covid - Fairfield Church

The PCC of St Thomas Becket Fairfield undertook a robust risk assessment, and implemented safety procedures in line with COVID19 legislation. This included cordoning off a section of the Church (due to the problems of deep cleaning in such a remote location) and arranging a rota of people to unlock and lock each day.

Sadly on a number of occasions several of our visitors breached these conditions by removing cordons and failing to follow government legislation, putting the safety of others at risk.


Therefore it is with a very heavy heart that we have decided to lock the church.


We are deeply saddened for our responsible visitors, as well as our loss in donations, which we rely on so much. But I am sure that you will understand that safety must come first.

                                                                        But Good News –we are still open for worship !


So why not join us ?

First Sunday of the month at 10am

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