Risk Assessment for Services



We will continue to be vigilant in all aspects of Safeguarding


Area of Focus

Controls required

Additional information

Action by who?

Completed – date and name

General Building and furnishing

Social distancing marker will be marked, and clearly communicated on entry.

One point of entry to the church building clearly identified.





Stewards on entry and leavng

Brookland;North Door entry only

Decided not to open  South door due to poor lighting


Fairfield – only one entry

Shuna Body (SB)

Each monthly service

Markers to indicate which pews have been used

A coloured card will alert that cleaning is required

Non Shielding Churchwarden/SB

each service

Buildings have been aired before use.

Church aired once a week



Check for animal waste and general cleanliness.

Church checked before each use

SB and non shielding churchwarden

each use

Ensure water systems are flushed through before use.


Water taps in toilet and kitchen run once a week. Toilet flushed once a week



Switch on and check electrical and heating

systems if needed.

Brookland - checked

Fairfield -Not applicable



Holy water stoups and the font are empty.

Empty anyway




Kneelers used at services will be leather to assist cleaning.

Material ones in Brookland put into storage

Fairfield - all material


Already in place








Guidelines adhered to


Service books that are used will be stored separately for a month and not used

Only monthly services, so this will happen anyway



Singing will not be permitted in order to mitigate against droplets of saliva causing infection


Any pews used will be cordoned off for a month




This would be in place anyway as private prayer is limited to chairs in front of altar



Non shielding churchwarden



Each service

Government and C of E advice will be strictly followed especially in relation to Holy Communion, Weddings and Funeral services. Families will be informed of the maximum number of 30 persons and records kept for 21 days

No hand touching. Communion in only one kind. In Fairfield the bread will be received from the pew, to avoid bottlenecks around a very small altar


Each service

Have hand sanitiser available for people to use on entry and exit of the church building , by the altar and in toilet area. Masks available if people require them

Sanitiser, masks and bacterial wipes are available



Confirm who has responsibility for locking and unlocking the building.

Cris Descher Churchwarden

Churchwarden or Parish Secretary(same family unit)

When building is open

Confirm whose responsibility it will be to carry out cleaning, including:

  • Toilets
  • Frequently touched surfaces e.g. doors

Toilets only open for monthly service at Brookland

Fairfield toilet

SB Fairfield


SB and non shielding churchwarden at Brookland

Each service

Whoever has responsibility for toilets, ensure a supply of soap and disposable hand towels will be available as well as sanitiser

All in place


Checked monthly service

Confirm who is responsible for removing potentially contaminated waste e.g. hand towels from the site.


SB and non shielding Churchwarden

as appropriate

All waste receptacles have disposable liners (e.g. polythene bin bags) to reduce the risk of those responsible for removing them being exposed

All bins have liners and will be emptied daily



Prepare a suitable form to record contact details of people entering the building. Also notice reminding parishioners they are not to enter if displaying any symptoms or been in contact with Covid 19

Form at entry of church to be kept for 21 days


Each use

Confirm evacuation procedures in the case of an emergency.

Fire exits clearly marked



stewards will direct all users on entry and leaving , including pews ,avoiding bottlenecks and ensuring one way traffic.

Guided in and out



Cleaning the church after general use (no known exposure to anyone with Coronavirus symptoms)

Check all cleaners are not in a vulnerable group or self-isolating.

Checked. No issues. Only one churchwarden permitted to carry out duties within this document. This has been communicated



Check PCC/Chapter liability insurance is up to date.


Martin Mills (treasurer) confirmed


All cleaners provided with gloves (ideally disposable) to protect their skin from exposure to cleaning materials.

Gloves supplied also face masks available if required



Suitable cleaning materials provided, depending on materials and if historic surfaces are to be cleaned.

Following guidelines – but it would be a month before the seats were re used anyway



Cleaning the church after known exposure to someone with Coronavirus symptoms

If possible close the church building for 72 hours with no access permitted.

The church will be closed for 72 hrs if this occurs


As required

If 72-hour quarantine is not possible then follow Public Health England guidance on cleaning in non-healthcare settings.

Public Health England guidance available here.


As required

If the building has been quarantined for 72 hours, then carry out cleaning as per the normal advice on cleaning.

The church will be cleaned as per advice


As required

Holy Communion

Mask to be worn by Priest when distributing bread

Retiring collection only for all services

Mask available SB Each service


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