Service in Church, Cemetery or Crematorium                                                                                £206

Burial in Churchyard preceding, or following on from service                                                           £331

Burial in Churchyard on a separate occasion, or without a service in church                                     £360

Burial in Cemetery or cremation immediately preceding or following on from service in church          £30

Burial of Ashes at Brookland Churchyard  (not including cost of monument)                                    £172

**Burial of Ashes take place in a consecrated area of the old Churchyard - please contact Revd C Maclean 01797 320245 in order to understand regulations for positioning and monuments


Please note that these are the charges published by the Church of England for the purposes as stated above. In order to get an idea of total Funeral cost - please contact your Funeral Director.


The Cemetery* is managed by Brookland Parish Council ( not the Church) so please contact the clerk  regarding  reserving or booking plots for burials in Brookland.

*Cemetery - area behind Pub

Churchyard -area immediately surrounding Church which is only open for burial of ashes.




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