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Dear all


The other day someone asked me which female Sportsperson did I admire the most ? My answer was Ellen MacArthur - the fastest person to sail around the world single handed. But almost as I said that, I found myself questioning whatever happened to her. She achieved her goal – and then disappeared from the news. Maybe for that very reason – she had achieved her goal and stopped. But then I thought about the girl who at the age of 4 decided that she wanted to sail around the world single handed, and had set about hiding her dinner money at school to buy a boat. A girl who literally spent every moment focussed on that one thing……… I did some research.

I found an article by her that explained that it was only as she was sailing single handed, that she realised the meaning of the word “Finite”. She realised that the waves that she saw were no more or no less, than the waves she saw.  She was sailing on those very waves – in  a boat with only a set amount of resources. When those resources were gone, there were no more. She thought about how humankind uses nature’s resources, and now once they are gone, they too are gone. These thoughts grew stronger the more she sailed. So as she stepped off that boat onto dry land, she knew her sailing days were over. She knew that she had to do something personally to save the world’s resources. At first she considered continuing sailing – with a slogan on the side of the boat. But all that would do would be to raise awareness – she (not surprisingly) wanted more of an action.

So she stopped sailing, and set up the Ellen MacArthur Institute with its main purpose of researching into ways to live in a more sustainable way. Interesting that whilst the Institute is doing some amazing work, the headline writer’s do not seem interested.

I find that story fascinating, as it shows that someone can be on a very, defined, focussed path – and yet somehow nature manages to speak to them far louder than anything before. So much so that they are prepared to take such drastic action, in how they live their lives, and make that change so publicly.

Sometimes we may find ourselves following a very set pattern, and maybe need to take time to listen to that small voice questioning as to why we are doing it.

It is sad that the world seems unaware of what  Ellen is achieving now. But let’s hope that her dogged determination and passion for this world, will bring those issues to the fore. Let us pray that people will have the same courage to change direction and live their lives in a more sustainable way.

God Bless

Revd Shuna


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