July Letter

Dear Friends

It is fair to say that the Summer months have produced for us a fair amount of drama. A new female Wimbledon Champion in years – and our footballers doing the country proud.

The one thing about the football that really pleased me, was the attitude that people had for the footballers after they lost the Semi Final. The next day I was expecting the usual call for the manager to be sacked, and total destruction of each and every member. So it was a pleasant surprise to hear credit where credit was due. Credit for the youngest team in the World Cup, including a Captain who was the highest goal scorer in the whole tournament. But I think what was refreshing was that they appeared to be a bunch of young lads, who loved football. But how they conducted themselves on and off the pitch was totally professional and served as great role models.

And of course the other football team making headlines were the “Wild Boars” the team that were stuck for 18 days in Tham Luang cave in Thailand. The story of bravery and courage of that rescue was my “highlight” of the summer. Sadly it included the death of a rescuer, Saman Kunan, who had gone as a volunteer. He volunteered for what he knew was a very dangerous mission to save lives, and in doing so, lost his own.

But once again it was the attitude of people that encouraged me. Whilst the boys were still stuck – the families sent messages to the football coach, thanking him for being with them – and urging him to stay relaxed and calm to help their sons. There was no blame game, or anger as to why they were there, but thanks and encouragement.

Our newspapers are often full of stories about anger and retribution, that we get caught up into that blame culture. The real dramas that have unfolded over the summer are about decent fair play – and  the offering of thanks and encouragement at the most of challenging times. Thanks and encouragement which in itself played its part in saving lives.

So let us take heart and remember  the importance and power of encouragement – and the amazing results that are possible even where there is little hope.


God Bless


Revd Shuna



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