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Monthly Letter

Dear Friends


Recently I met an old friend who I had trained with for Ordination.  She told the story of how the Bishop (of another Diocese) had asked her to become International Projects Officer. By her own admission she knew very little, and so was sent out on a fact finding trip to Tanzania. After 3 busy weeks, she wrote her report and was about to head home.

Before she left, some orphan children sang a song to her – with the words “Thankyou for coming, see you again”. At the time she mused to herself, as she had no plans to return. She politely waved them off and set off home. But the song kept coming into her head, and she couldn’t get the sight of those orphans out of her mind. She approached some big charities asking whether they could assist – as basically the Church were caring for hundreds of orphans with very little resource. Sadly the big charities were tied up with long term plans, and had no room to squeeze another project in.

The result being, that she set up a Charity just for them – and has visited so many times that she even preaches in Swahili. The children continue to show their appreciation – most recently by naming their first ever Pig, after her. That really is a claim to fame !

That whole story reminded me of the sheer power of music. If those orphans had not sung that song – then she wouldn’t have returned.  A song was all that they could give. But that small gesture of appreciation, has led to generations to come having water, education – and above all hope !

It reminded me of the power of music – and how lucky we are to get to enjoy it on a regular basis.

For me the perfect way to end a busy weekend is with sung evensong at Brookland. So why not give it a try and come along the 2nd Sunday of the month at 6.30pm. We have some wonderful singers, headed up by Sylvia who manages to both, lead the choir and play the organ. And here is a good place to show my appreciation for the gift of music that they offer to our parish. It is very much appreciated. I can assure them that if I had a pig - I too would name it after them !!!

God Bless


Revd Shuna