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Monthly Letter

Dear friends

Many years ago my Godson was proudly showing me his “Crib” that he had made, and as we were going through the characters – to our horror we realised that Jesus was missing. There then ensued a full search of the house, as tables were moved and cupboards pulled out from the wall. It is fair to say we were somewhat frantic in our search as desperation set in……..and then finally, Jesus was found – down the back of the sofa ! I can still remember the relief, excitement and sheer joy as Jesus appeared from the depths of the sofa.

As I walk around the shops I see the adverts enticing me to spend just a bit more money, even offering me finance deals to “ take the stress out of Christmas”. And then when I search amongst the glitz and the glamour of the decorations, I once again realise that there is someone missing.

The missing person is of course Jesus. I think back to the sofa search, and I then think back to the search of the Wise men. Interesting that the picture that we have of the Wise Men searching was very calm and purposeful – unlike ours. But their search would have been long and arduous across a variety of landscapes. They would have had to deal with obstacles and dangers on a daily basis. But still their search was calm and dignified.

It was calm and dignified because they searched with courage and conviction, and were totally assured that they would indeed find Jesus, and of course they did.

The Good News is that Jesus is with us all the time. But maybe with so much going on in the shops, homes and schools, just maybe we forget to look. We should have the assurance that Jesus is not missing – but we do need to search.

When we had the Harry Potter experience in Church – the children voted for their best saying, which was from Professor Dumbledore. ”Happiness can be found in the darkest of places – if only we remember to turn on the light”.

Christmas for many will be filled with much joy and excitement, and I hope that in that joy you will discover just a little more about Jesus. And of course for those who face sadder times – remember that Jesus is with you every step of the way – even if that search may seem long and arduous.


On behalf of Reverend Chris and myself – may we both wish you a peaceful Christmas


God Bless

Rev Shuna