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Archives (Family History)
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If you are tracing family records - please contact the link supplied

Church of England Website
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A useful link with pages concerning all aspects of The Church of England including weddings, baptisms etc church of England

Canterbury Diocese
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The Church belongs to the Canterbury Diocese - good resource to find out what else is happening

Brookland Primary School
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A very popular small school located near the Church in Brookland

Brenzett School
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A popular school located near The Shell Garage, Brenzett roundabout

Brookland Parish Council
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Contact details for Brookland Parish Council

Brenzett Parish Council
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Details of Brenzett Parish Council

Christian Aid
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Home page for Christian Aid

Romney Marsh
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Romney Marsh Portal

Romney Marsh Historic Churches Trust
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Romney Marsh Historic Churches Trust support the work of the marsh churches and organise visits

Shepway District Council
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Home page of Shepway District Council

Kent County Council
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KCC supported this website as part of the Members Grant Scheme

Funeral Flower Information
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Useful information on funeral flowers